Saturday, 30 August 2008

5th avenueee

Well, last night was kind of interesting :P

First we got the train to manchester, got a burger king... then headed to 5th avenue.. which is the best club ive ever been to. great music, great kind of people that go there and we had a big group, so there was always someone to be around :) gooooood night upto about 1am, when i got a phone call off my sweetheart to find out she was having a shit night because her friends had left her and she had to go home with Robert.. which i was a bit anxious about, but it turned out ok because monica had a party so was still up to let em in..

so then we went to jillies rock world, which is possibly the shittest club ive ever been in... full of goths and shit metal music. me and sam took the piss and was dancing like in a dance music club, i did the nose dance so much! and the stiffler dance from american pie 3 LOL. then me and sam got the night bus home, and the rest stayed.. so it was quite a cheap night, spent like £30 in total.

got up today and went to play football, but only me connor and lee went, so didnt get a match :(

tonight im going to adams to watch a film, so another cheap night and tomorrow alskling gets home, i cant wait.. ive missed her so much even though its just 5 days!


Friday, 29 August 2008



last night i got in from work and slept for a while, really tired haha, but not as tired as emelie :) because she was awake for 30 hours, very clever :P! then just stayed on my computer for a while, watched eurotrip as i went asleep, funny film :) scotty doesnt knoooooooooooow

today i went on the train to the college, and found out that theres coaches from the train should be really easy, so i guess im going there, which is great cos i get to stay at home with my friends and the love of my life :) now im waiting for 9pm when we get the train to manchester for my friends 18th, and staying out in manchester... which will be shit cos were going to a 'club' where they play metal music cos thats what some people in the group like................:@

at least were going 5th ave, which is indie music, and should be ok. but yee, im skint so wont be spending loads of money, but vodka red bull is £1 so ill be high as a kite for most of the night LOL.

my baby gets back on sunday night, and it couldnt come quickly enough, really want to see her again didnt realise 5 days would be this bad! :( love you em x

Ill post again tomorrow with how tonight went, pusshej!

Sunday, 24 August 2008


Well, today is the day my mother gets back from france.. so after writing this we are going to get really busy tidying the house up and finishing the garden work i have to do.. hopefully we will get it done in the 3 hours that we have till they get back, and then we can just relax for the day..

Friday night we had a house party, it was good fun and everyone got very drunk it was so funny for various reasons but my highlights have got to be; adam wearing a toga!! scotts mum and her friend coming and partying for like an hour when they were already drunk from going out, and digsy pulling charlotte which ive been trying to set up for weeks :P oh, and driving to oldham for alcohol! that was pretty insane, but a fun car journey!

Yesterday we woke up with a hangover and felt really rough, but started cleaning and then did nothing at night, but watched EVOLUTION which was quite a funny film, just for easy watching :P

The last blog was written by my amazing girlfriend emelie sofia westin :)and it was really beautiful to read it.. such a perfect girlfriend <3

hopefully tomorrow i will get university sorted out, because i need some emails to get back to me.. and then i can complete my booking form. wish people would check their emails its pissing me off!

anyway im going to tidy up now! hejda! :P

Friday, 22 August 2008

Emelies is blogging.

Because Wilf is really bad at updating his blog and because he refuses to write something about himself i decided to write things about him. I hope he doesnt mind :P

He is 18 and lives in Greenfield, a little village outside Manchester with his mum, her boyfriend, their dog and me. Hes working with his dad at the moment at his roofing buisness but hes going to Uni in September. He was going to study civilengineering (however you spell it) in Nottingham but decided to study garden and landscape design closer to home.

He likes to play football, hang out with his friends, party and of course hang out with me (which he has to cos i live here with him haha). He is a loving and caring person who always puts other people first. Hes a good friend and a perfect boyfriend and knows how to make people happy and to feel better about them selves. He likes to bet money on football even tho he always ends up loosing his money (sorry baby :P ) and we have a dream about winning the jackpot even tho we never buy lottery tickets.

Hes a crazy person (in a good way of course), specially around me. Hes funny and always make me laugh even if im in a proper bad mood :) He loves singing boten anna and listen to new songs hes found all the time till i get really sick of it and cant stand hearing that song ever again, but i think its charming.

Hes not a hooligan which all my friends thought when they heard he was from England and when he came to Sweden. He's the most loving and caring person ive ever met and i'm so lucky i found him.. he's someone you have to hold on to, cos your life wouldnt be the same wihtout him.

I love you sweetheart and always will.. youre the best :)

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Well, today i had to see a vet put my darling Alice to sleep, its for the best because shes old and had a tumor, and wasnt enjoying life as she just walked around or lied there looking sad.. so its for the best, and it was peaceful and she didnt feel anything. so im sad about that, but just got to carry on, and poor little Jack has no friend now :(

Yesterday we did nothing much in the day, went to the vets to arrange the injection, but thats about all... we went to play pool in the night which was fun, emelie beat me 2-1 at pool... so i need to get my own back ;) then we started to watch The Last kiss, which we just finished and was a nice film, but i didnt get parts of it :P

Today i got up at 10, went to dig the grave then buried her later... came home, then went to work for a couple of hours and now we are organising a house party and then going to my dads for dinner..

Tomorrow i get my exam results which decide what i do for the next couple years.. so i shall see what i get!

Puss hej :)

Saturday, 9 August 2008


Well, last night was interesting! We went to the wellington pub because there Rob's friend was getting married today, and rob said it was good.. so we went there for a while because rob said theyd hired a stripper for him.

Well, we got drunk and it was like 11 before the stripper arrived, and it was so funny! she undressed him and then spanked him with his own belt.. then had his belt around his neck and walked him around like a dog.

Then we got another drink, talked with rob and his friends and played some pool, i went home a little earlier them emelie cos i wasnt feeling too well... and this morning i woke up with a hangover.. great :/

however, tuna sandwiches and a can of diet coke later... and now im feeling fine :)

Em has work today from 12.45, so im going to be alone again, dont know what im going to do.. probably just clean the room abit or do nothing.. who knows :P

Tonight were just gonna watch a film and eat pizza.. because its raining and we have no money :(.


Friday, 8 August 2008

first blogg

hello whoever reads this, ive decided to start up a blog as my girlfriend emelie does it, and i often find myself thinking, 'well if i had a blog i could write that in it'.. so here i am.

Not too sure what to write, as its my first time.. so ill give a quick 'who am i' and things like that, then what I did today. Hopefully ill get into the habit of taking pictures of what I do to post here.

Started off the day waking up being moody because not much sleep, and working for 4 hours with my dad doing someones back door step, which was made out of stone and we had to put it in. it was tricky because the stone weighed ALOT, and 2 people couldnt lift it, so we needed to use rollers and a ladder (WTF?).. eventually we got it in place and could start the flags.. which were different sizes, and we needed it to be kind of symmetrical.. in the end it looked like this:

Then i got home, was really tired from waking up after 5 hours sleep, then went to bed for a couple of hours and got up and it was time for emelie to get ready to go to work, so i sat and played on footy manager for 2 hours, now we are sat inside at 8.30pm on a friday night because NO-ONE is going out or anything.. so we are quite bored! ah well. I also bought a football today, so finally i dont have to wait 30 mins at the park for the 1 person who also has a ball to arrive LOL.

Now emelie is getting impatient, and im going to finish this.. tonight I think we are going to watch a film, no idea what yet.. I want 21 but i dont think thats going to happen for some reason.

Pusshej! ;) x